September 24th, 2004

Doggie Bed

My boyfriend gave me an idea to make something for the dogs, so I made this bed that turned out much bigger than it needed to be, yet it has a pocket (BF idea also) since my chi and BT love to burrow under the covers! :)

The model is my chi Angel. ;)
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a few shots

I found these on my hard drive...

they were taken with my camera phone, so they're not the best quality...but when you want to snap a shot of a sleeping dog, have you ever noticed that it's almost impossible to go get a camera without waking them up?


snuggling....or sinking between the cushions?

stretched all the way out...i guess this is comfortable...

i'll try to snap a few more pix in the next few days...


i got a new iPod Mini today!

sometimes you just need to splurge and buy useless things, if they make you happy.

i seem to be online increasingly if i can help any of you out in any way....i am a graphic/web design student, so if i can help you, or answer any questions...check out my info page!

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Hi, took my bt to the vet today, she's in good health but she has to get her teeth cleaned and she has to get spayed. Her appointment is for monday. She's snoring on my lap as I write all of this! I'm posting my Boston art work, first I'll post my original
Yes, that's using paint, from scratch (drawing with a mouse is so much harder!)

And here's my Andy Warhol!!

I know nobody will, but if you do use these, just mention me!

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