October 14th, 2004

  • elspyth

Greetings from Japan!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and say that all your babies are looking SO cute!

I miss my little nieces incredibly much...*tear* but my host family here in Japan has puppies so it`s okay.

Oh! and I saw a baby Boston in a pet store near my house the other day! I took her picture with my cellphone, but it`s terribly expensive to send them, so ya`ll have to wait a bit to see her beautiful face.

But, hey, at least they have Boston babies here too!

*waves* Give all your darlings kisses for me!
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I'm going on vacation in March.. and my mom will also be on vacation somewhere else.. so I won't have anyone to watch my baby. (I get nervous leaving him w/anyone else)... so now I have 2 options.. bring him along with me or board him. I'm really sketched out with boarding him, and I would also feel bad leaving him in the hotel room alone when I go out at night.
he's really attached to me and is always right by my side so I'm scared he might go crazy being boarded.

Has anyone ever boarded their boston? how did they react? any help would be great! thanks!!