October 24th, 2004

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I just wanted to get the community's opinion on this:

Have you ever, or ever known anyone, to have their dog as part of their wedding? I mean like a little ring bearer or something like that? I mentioned it to my fiance' and he gave me the "you must be joking and if you're not joking, you must be crazy" look. I thought a lot of people with special pet doggies did that. Would anyone here do that or is that just for the crazies?
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  • stageii

LJ question

I check the BB LJ every day! I scroll down the list of new posts, and click the link to read comments. All is well until I hit the back button - I get returned to the very top of the previous LJ page, instead of the message I was at (bad english, I know). Then I have to scroll down again to find where I left off. Does anyone know a fix?

Bellyrubs to all!
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I dreamed. I carved. I conquered.

Not too impressive with the lights on, but I'm pretty happy with how it looks with them off!


Happy Halloween from the Clancy-O-Lantern!!
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