October 30th, 2004

Niku Cookie

New Puppy!

I got a new puppy!

I'd been thinking of getting a puppy of my own, since Puddin' and Scutter live with my family and I'm currently living all alone in my apartment. My mom saw some Bostons for sale and she went out to look at them and ended up buying the last puppy for me! So I am the proud new mommy of a little girl with one blue eye and one brown eye. She's so adorable! I have a few pictures of her and Puddin' and Scutter up here. I'm still kind of in shock right now. I have a puppy! Now all she needs is a name.
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I have a ton of pictures from last night's walk at the lake here-->


Some of the pictures have a fuzziness to them because it was really foggy. We have two Boston's, one who is 13 with a white face and blue eyes. (He was the only one in his litter who looked like that and my husband had to have him!) And our other, Dali is only about 10 months old. We also have a Basset Hound, Izzy. They all get along great and just love each other. All you hardcore Boston fans can skip the pictures of Izzy if you'd like!
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how common is it for dogs to have seizures?

petunia had what appeared to be one yesterday, which of course scared me. we've had her for a year and this has not happened before. she didn't eat anything strange that i know of and our other 4 dogs are fine.
i know two other dogs who've had them, which is why i was wondering. neither of these dogs live with us, and only one visits.

tuney has been acting perfectly normal and playful yesterday after it happened, and today. we're watching her, and making extra sure she doesn't eat anything she shouldn't.
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Some help

Hi everyone! I am new to the community as well as live journal in general. I am looking to adopt a female Boston Puppy sometime between now and the new year. (My husband is getting it for me for Christmas!) Does anyone know of a good breeder or shelter to get one at? I live in the Orlando area. Also, what is a reasonable price to expect? (I am not concerned about it being registered or show quality, I just want one to love!) Thanks, Melinda
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