November 2nd, 2004

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Hello all. My name is Jason. I am new to LiveJounal and the community and just wanted to say hi. I have had a Boston for a year. His name is Hong Kong Phooey. I love all the pictures on this journal and am happy to know that there is a group of Boston lovers on this sight. Nice to meet you all. I was also wondering where everybody got the dog mood icons.
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People Magazine - Puppy Mills!


There is an article in the November 8 issue of PEOPLE Magazine, page 127, entitled "Teen Titans." The article honors teenaged entrepreneurs. One of those honored is Timothy Hampson, the proud owner of, an Internet dog-selling operation. The young "titan" buys dogs from "a network of breeders" (i.e., puppy mills) and sells them over the Internet to anyone who sends him money. His mother even helps him! The young man says he hopes to expand into dog clothing and exotic pets.

A petition to be sent to PEOPLE has been created in hopes that the voices of those who speak for the voiceless can be heard. Please sign and please cross-post!

Thank you!