November 8th, 2004

boston terrier cute


I know they are some people in this community with deaf bostons. Do your bostons have blue eyes? An all white or partially all white face?

Or do they have the standard markings? Can you please read my post about Hogwarts sisters? Read the comment and then comment yourself on what you think?

This would be a big help thank you.

Looking for a MN BT.

One of the flight nurses I fly with is interested in getting a BT. He asked me if I could find a breeder for him. He lives near Minneapolis and already has 3 dogs (2 Dobermen and a Yorkie). Anyone know of a breeder in the midwest? I won't recommend the breeder I got Charlie from.
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Hey all, this is Lady Killer's dad. I just changed lj names. Behind the lj cut is a comic I did about 2 years ago that's got my little boston in it. I don't know how its going to turn up but here goes nothing.

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Clancy hasn't eaten since yesterday morning (his dinner last night became his breakfast this morning, which then became his dinner tonight) and his stomach is making the loudest noises I've ever heard.  I gave him a treat (Alpo Snap) a few minutes ago, and he sort of hesitantly ate it.  He seems to be drinking water, though perhaps not as much as usual.  I have a whole plate of seafood and he's not even paying any attention to it, which is rare.  He's tucked away on his little bed pad in my office doing something close to nothing.

I'm off work Wednesday morning, so I guess if he hasn't eaten by tomorrow evening, we'll head off to the vet..

Does this ever happen to any of your bostons?  I kind of feel since he ate the treat that I probably shouldn't get too freaked out about it.  I think when I'm done with my dinner, I'm going to open a "spare" bag of Science Diet and see if he eats it.. just on the off-chance he's simply sick of having Beneful.
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