November 12th, 2004

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hi - i guess i'm new here although i've been visiting every so often to look at the cute puppies here. lots of cute puppies!
anyway, dob and i are the parents of akihabara (ackbar)who is our boston baby. he also has many older brothers and sisters, 6 of which are cats, and 1 canine brother named Curtis. Curtis is a few years older than him and was quite jealous at first. now they have so much fun together. ackbar is a very naughty little critter - always barking in the cats' faces, always wrestling with his sister-kitty mothra. of course he always tries to eat everybody else's food except for his own, and i was wondering if anybody else had that problem. the only way i figured out he will eat his own food is if i sit their and watch him eat it. he's my baby though!

Hi, I'm Ackbar.

Name: My full name is Admiral Ackbar Mogey-Paw Jones.
Nicknames: Acky, Snacks, Snackbar, Lunchbox, Flippy McGee, and the least often used, Nibbler.
DOB: I was born on October 18, 2003 - I am approximately 1 year and 3 weeks old.
Favorite Chew Toy: My favorite thing to chew on is my sister Mothra's ears.
Good Things That Happen To You: I like to jump up on mommy and curl up in a little ball while she rubs my ears between her fingers - then I know I am irresistable!
Bad Things That Happen To You: I get rashes on my belly often.
Favorite Food: My favorite treats are pigs ears and greenies.
Special Talents: I poot ALOT! and when I do it really clears the room.

There are pics of me on my bio page when I was just a little tike.