November 20th, 2004


Some pics

Good morning everyone, I just wanted to post some more pics of my baby Kermit!

this is her laying in my lap getting ready for bed

and her laying on her Dad :o)
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Hi everyone. Today Lola got her picture taken with Santa. (The pictures wont be developped for another little while but I promise to post them!).

This was done by the SPCA. I dont know if all SPCA's do that or if the ASPCA does... but its such a good cause... I thought I would just mention it here in case anyone wanted to call their local shelters and ask if they do it or even tell them the idea so they could arrange it.

I know every year they make tons off it and everyone gets a wonderfull picture of their pet with Santa! Dogs, cats, some people even bring in birds and rabbits! Thanks for reading everyone!

Melissa and Lola (who gave Santa quite a bath haha!)
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The new IT dog?

Bostons are in ads everywhere! TV, Pottery Barn catalogs, and in this week's Entertainment Weekly, on the 5th page - an ad for Adobe Photoshop. There's a handsome doggeh with the caption 'Drool removed'. AS IF!



Since yesterday, I've been the unhappy guardian of a Wheaton terrier named Rufus. He's the pet of a family that lives on my parent's street; they're on a road trip to Florida. He's always seemed great when I saw him on the block. As soon as he got to my house, however, that all changed. Chris and Maria assured me he was fully house trained, friendly, etc. He isn't. He sucks. Big time. He's pissed in every room in the house, and my roommates are none too happy. He's also shit in the house. While being walked he likes to eat trash. Last night, Alline and I tried to pull some plastic out of his mouth and the jerk ended up biting both of us.

The kicker?
Tonight the doorbell rang right after Ellie and Rufus had been walked together. I closed the inside set of doors and opened the outside set. As soon as I did, Rufus ran at the first set, knocking them open, and darted into the street. I took off after him, directly into traffic. He ran back and forth in between parked cars with me screaming after him. Don and Adam heard me, and also gave chase. He headed directly for the intersection of 44th and Spruce, with the green light being for oncoming traffic. Luckily someone at the bus stop heard me screaming my head off and ran into the street to stop traffic. The people at the bus stop also joined us, and a woman walking a yellow lab. In my head, I seriously saw this dog being killed. Cars kept stopping and swerving. He actually tried to run underneath one, and the woman didn't see him and tried to start driving again. I was flailing my arms like a crazy person and Don tried to tackle him to no avail. Finally, two blocks from my house, I slid through the grass after the little bugger and grabbed onto his harness. Adam snapped on his leash, and I just started shaking. I haven't run that much or that fast since high school. This is so emotionally draining. Ellie's never done anything remotely like this, even when she was a puppy, and I have no idea what to do. I'm at my wit's end and feel like crying.

I was thinking of boarding him in a kennel until his owners return. Then I realized that they didn't leave me his vaccination records. Nor did they leave me any vet info to get the records. I didn't even think to ask, because these are people that I know pretty well, from growing up. I'm actually really pissed off because the only reason I agreed to this was because the repeated over and over how well trained/behaved their dog was. I understand he may just be stressed out, but damn! They also didn't leave me a contact number, because they don't have a cell phone and will be traveling the east cost from Pennsylvania to Florida. I hope they call to check in so I can blow up at them for not warning me that their dog is a runner.

Does anyone have any advice at all? Except showering Ellie with praise because she is by far the best dog in the world. I mean, look what she lets me do to her:

Seriously though, I don't know what to do. I've never been around a dog like this. He's just so....bad! For now, I have him closed in the kitchen, with nothing around to destroy (he's also a chewer!). Even just emotional support would be appreciated.

Viva la Boston Terriers!

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