November 29th, 2004

Has anyone here purchased a puppy from the website? I was just wondering how reliable the sellers are. I found a beautiful little girl on there but some of the pictures seem kind of strange to me. She looks very scared in most of them. There is another boston listed by the same seller that also looks scared in some of his pictures. I don't know if i'm just over-analyzing it or not. Look at some of these pictures and tell me what you think...

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Ashton........discovered the Christmas tree.
He stuck his nose in it, yelped when it picked him, walked away, stared at it.
Then he walked back up to it again and picked his nose again.
Heh.  I thought he would have learned his lesson the first time.  I guess he's out to "defeat" the ebil Cwismus twee.
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As promised

Here are Lola's pictures taken with Santa. In the first one she's looking twoards the side because thats where her daddy was standing. He had to move behind the camera so she would look forward.

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My mother-in-law has a male and female Boston Terrier, and they just had puppies! The litter was small - only two, but both healthy and adorable. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend there and got lots of puppy time. They're one week old today.

This is Lily. She'll be coming home with us as soon as she's old enough.

Lily's brother Dozer... short for "bulldozer"! He literally pushes her out of the bed - and away from the food!

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Boston's Rule

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I swear we are going to put up a fence inside the fence in the backyard and the digger-doggies won't have anything but concrete to potty on!!! They JUST got a bath a few hours ago and went out for 5 freakin' minutes... and they come back with cakey-muddy paws! It's either that or make them wear snowsuits with feet in them! argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg