December 1st, 2004

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We finally got our Bams a kennel as the potty problem has NOT been solved. We started keeping him in the kitchen whenever we go out and go to sleep. But he still goes potty sometimes, and of course, not in the potty pan heh. So we decided to get a crate yesterday, and we thought perhaps if we took away his bed, he'd sleep in the crate. But this morning we saw that he dragged the bedding out of the crate and slept on it, lol. Oh Bams. We have tried throwing treats into the crate, far in the back. But he won't go completely in it and will stretch his hind legs as far as it goes to grab the treats and run away, chomping on the treats heh.

Any suggestions? We don't want to push him in the crate, i'd think that'd just give off a "punishment" feeling to the crate. But we don't know what else to do? What did you do when you first started crating your babies?