December 3rd, 2004

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I'm thinking of getting a puppy soon. I found a breeder from that's in my general area (well, 2 hours away...). Anyway, does anyone have any idea what questions I should ask or how I can find out if this breeder is on the up-and-up? I've corresponded with her via e-mail several times and she promised me pictures. The puppies will be ready to go in January and they are $600. I want to make sure I'm getting a dog from a reputable breeder. Has anyone ever used this site before or have any suggestions??
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Boston's Rule

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It is a given that I must share my chair with Lilo. Very seldom does Stitch get up there. Lately though, I have found both of them in it on occassion... I figured it's because it's cold outside that Stitch doesn't like the floor much anymore! Well - this morning I woke up sick with chills, so I brought my bathroom heater into my office. I left the room for a minute and when I returned I found both of them in my chair, with guilty looks on their faces, and with their butts facing the heater!!! What a life! hehehe
boston terrier cute

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Is it just me or does Hog look like one of those oversized rat things in the Princess Bride? hahahah he soooo does!! Just not oversized. You know it attacks Wesley in the swamp? I googled Princess Bride. They are called Rodents of Unusual Size

Here he is stalking his pray like a lion

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