December 26th, 2004


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Happy holidays, boston_buddies!!

Does anyone else have a Boston that seems to have recurring ear infections? Clancy has basically had a minor ear infection for the past year or so. I've taken him to the vet four times now and to the tune of $100 or so each time, it doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot to help him. He's had shots, oral antibiotics and ear drops.

I'm starting to wonder if I need to take him to a different vet (this is the one where my family has gone for 30 years and is always really good!) or if this is just something that the breed is plagued with. If ear infections are not common problems for Bostons, then perhaps I will try another vet, because this one just doesn't seem to be getting the job done.

Any suggestions would greatly appreciated!
Lady bug

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Oh my, I have to tell this story! My Lady Bug brought me a present this morning! I was laying in bed and she woke me up digging by my side...she was trying to hide something.......a dead bird from outside! OH MY! I freaked. LOL One morning, I discovered something wet under my pillow...a piece of chewed up corn bread! I guess my bed (while I'm in it) is where she brings all her goodies to hide. LOL she is so comical.