December 30th, 2004

boston terrier cute

Help me please

This innocent insanley cute little thing has a baddddddddddddd temper


I discovered the temper when he was just six weeks old. I grabbed the back of his neck like a cat carries her babies you know? and he went insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Just picture a tazmanian devil and you have Hogwarts. His lips go back and his teeth stick out and he is making the most horrible sounds ever.

Well this doesnt just happen when you grab his neck.... if little Hog is doing something heeeeeeee wants to do and you pick him up he will do this and BITE YOU. Yes bite you!! He was playing with our other boston Rebel one morning and I picked him up to kiss him goodbye and the horrid noises came and he bit my face!! I went to work with a welt on my cheek! Last night he was playing with his toy and his daddy picked him up to give him a kiss and he bit his nose so hard blood was spurting from it!!!

Just nowwwwwwwwww I was getting him to take him outside to go potty and he looks up at me and pees!! So I went to grab him and even before I put my hands on him the horrid noises came and he tried to bite me!!! While taking him outside he was snarling. He looks like a possessed chiuhaua.

He has bit my moms hand and made her bleed when he doesnt want to go potty for her... why is he so evil. Tinkerbell our seven year old Boston will make the horrid tazmanian sounds when you pick her up and she doesnt like it but she is old and grumpy. Hog is a baby!! Tink and Rebel never did this when they were babies... Rebel has never made sounds like that ever period!!

Have you ever had this problem with your bostons??!?! Help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee.. some stranger is going to be like omg look at the cute little baby!! and then Bam!! Possessed Hogwarts will bite them!!! I do not want this happening.


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