January 2nd, 2005

another question from me!

So here is a question for all of you that have a Boston that according to the breed standards, is not "up to code." I'm wondering about red bostons in particular. I would really like to get a red boston but have read that they're actually flukes and according to the AKC should be "disqualified." Can anyone tell me if these rare bostons seem to have more health problems than the bostons that come from breeders and meet AKC standards? I'm wondering this because I have also read that because they do not have the normal markings or colors of the standard boston that their genes are weaker. I would love to buy from a breeder but again it comes down to the money issue. I feel that there has to be someone out there that is breeding healthy bostons in a loving environment and not charging a fortune for them. My first boston was given to us for free! She was beautiful and healthy. So there's my question, I hope it's not too confusing!