January 4th, 2005

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I got a puppy!!

My fiance' & I found a breeder in Georgia and drove from Virginia on December 31 to pick him up. It was a loooooong 18 hour drive there and back, but it was so worth it! His name is Griffin (named after his hometown of Griffin, GA) and he's a 3 lb. bundle of love. I will post some pics of him in the next 2 days as soon as I get them developed. Here's one for now that the breeder sent me before we picked him up.


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Lucy has been extremely clingy lately and she sleeps right on top of
her.  this is my massive thigh and a little lucy ... how can she
sleep in such weird positions?

my in-laws got us a cheesy Boston Terrier pillow and Lucy has since claimed it as her own.

my adorable Boston Terrier and her sleepy cuddly world :)
Boston's Rule

Something about Mary... *g*

ATTN: Update about Mary - our loving moderator and friend! 
Mary wanted me to let you know that Tommy is doing better but still in the hospital, and that she is taking it easy because on top of everything she has hurt her back.  ALSO - on a wonderful note - Winston has been able to go see Tom in the hospital and he even got to spend the night New Years Eve!  He is only the second doggie allowed to do that... but of course we always knew how special Winnie is!  Anyway...

Until Mary is back on her feet and caught up with everything I am going to do my best to get our new Buddies added to our user info page!  SO --- what I need all our newbies to do (and anyone who is not yet on our user info page) is to P*L*E*A*S*E send me either an icon of their Boston or just a picture that I can crop down along with your user name!!!  I'd like to do all of them at the same time since putting them in alphabetical order means rearranging every time I add a new buddy.  So if everyone could post their picture here as a comment (or email it to cajunsunshyne@hotmail.com) by this Sunday I will try to get it done next Monday or Tuesday.