January 5th, 2005



Roxie gets spayed today....Poor thing! She'll never be a woman!! :P

Mike took her to the vet this morning, and the little chubbo weighs 15 lbs!!!! I can't believe it! Our baby is growing up right before our eyes. :******(
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lucy saying oh

deep breath time to rethink and Peace.

*Whew* deep breath.

Should I rethink what I write in this community? (Story of Bennett don't pick me up)

Life has a way of showing us things we may or may not want to see. Maybe I've seen more than I should say...This was a story that happened to my dog in my lifetime.
It was real not a prediction of what might happen to anyone else. We can all learn from each other. I learn from you (all) and so I wrote my story so you (all) could learn from me.

We are all boston terrier lovers that's why we are in this community.


Posting access!

Well I spent too much time trying to figure out why I could not post here. Although I joined the community, it never gave me the option to post here. I ended up just leaving and rejoining, and it worked! Anyway, I thought I should introduce myself to you all. My name is Angela. My fiance and I live in West Chester PA with out new baby boston terrier, Harley. She is a 12 week old pup.

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Ashton and I are both really tired of reading the bickering.

I'm tired of coming here and reading the BS. I'm tired of reading about people threatening to leave. It's childish.
I think we all need to start over and get along. This is completely ridiculous that we can't get along. What happen to the loving little community that was all about the Boston Terriers that we love?

C'on, people.
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Oreo and I decided that we're not really that interested in the soap opera turn of this community, so we're just going head out through the dog door and play at another dog park.

Good luck to you all.
Boston's Rule


I had no idea what was going on and on and on about a certain post that people are really upset over.  I am not going to get involved except to say - LEAVE IT ALONE.  We know how our protectiveness flairs about our babies and we need to just agree to disagree.  I am not going to threaten to ban anyone... everyone just please LET IT GO.  Of course if it does continue and I see a pattern of "starting things" or "antagonizing" from the same person/people, then I am going to reconsider the banning.  This is a community of Boston LOVE!


After reading some of the posts in the community it seems as though people are getting very rammy over topics such as biting. I don't mean to say they are not serious issues, but it has been stirring things up a bit. I am posting this only because I do worry about my pup. I am a first time dog owner so things are a bit more Greek to me sometimes. Harley is 12 weeks old. She seems to have more and more recently started the biting and chewing habits. I fully intend on taking her to puppy obedience classes, but should I be concerned about her turning into an aggressive dog? I have been told by some people that it is due to teething, and I really don't think she is a mean dog because she doesn't just bite people. If you are holding a toy and she goes for it, sometimes she can catch a finger. If you are scratching her belly and she is on her back sometimes she nips at your hand. Oddly it seems like she always opens her mouth when she is on her back, almost as if she doesn't like it sometimes. And when she is playing and getting really excited sometimes she nips because I don't think she knows any better. I try to say NO, or OUCH as loud as I can but I think it flips her out even more. I just need some advice because all I can think to do is take her to the puppy obedience classes at my local Petsmart to get her off to a good start. With the recent posts about biting I have to say I was just growing more and more concerned. And don't get me wrong, she doesn't BITE with any force it's more like a nip if you would call it that. I don't think she has any intentions of hurting people.

...on a side note, I did post this before but does anyone know anything about why her fur may be thinner on the top of her head than anywhere else? It hasn't really changed since I got her and I don't notice any skin irritation so I wonder what if anything is the problem. One vet got me real worried about it, saying it could be a problem. Also, shortly after noticing both her ears finally standing up, this morning I noticed her one ear flopping forward some. What is the deal with that?