January 6th, 2005

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Well, I know that Violet has been bashful for a couple months, but she got camera hungry and wanted her mommy to take pictures of her so she could show off house precious she is (and how beautiful and precious Bostons are in general) so here ya go...

I love unwrapping my presents on Christmas Day!

And I love sleeping my with Jakie on my grandparents' bed.


I love my daddy!

Thanks for looking at my photographs everyone! Mommy did a good job taking the pictures even though her digital is something mommy calls a p.o.s. for short....

Everyone have a good night and remember our Bostons are our babies and we all love them very much!

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is it safe? can we come out and play now?

I LOVE YOU ALL. you are one of the most wonderful communities I am involved in, because everyone has great dogs and no one slams anyone for anything. Honestly, just defenses get raised. I just want to toast you all! and send you hugs and kisses from us :)