January 7th, 2005


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Okay, so I know that people say that dogs can sense asthma attacks and seizures, but nightmares?

Well, Ashton usually licks my face when I'm having a nightmare and it'll wake me up (I twitch and tremble when I'm having nightmares). Wellllll, last night, I obviously didn't wake up when he licked my face, so he decided he was going to start scratching at my face. So, he scratched at my face, leaving a scratch mark by my eye and on my nose and I ended up waking up with a busted, bloody nose.

Also, if I stay up really late at night, unable to sleep, he won't leave my side. If I go to the restroom, he follows me and sits on the carpet in the restroom. If I close my room door behind me, and he can't follow me on the other side of the house at night, he will bang on the door and screamwhine until I come back. But he doesn't do this during the day time.
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Hello, my name is Katie and I cannot think of anything I love more than boston terriers. I've had the pleasure of knowing many of these wonderful creatures in my life and i've never EVER known a "bad" one. This love is shared by nearly everone in my family, starting with my paternal grandfather who owned a boston during his childhood decades ago.
I am so grateful that I came across this community, and i've really enjoyed looking over the user info page-- so many awesome bostons!
I live with two bostons, my sister's dog, Angel, and my dog Bela (named after the great Bela Lugosi). Angel is four and Bela is a little over eight weeks.

Here are some pictures:

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