January 12th, 2005

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I was just noticing while having Harley outside that in the daylight I can see through her fur in some areas. At first I thought it was just the top of her head but I noticed a bit in her lower region as well. The one vet we saw made me super paranoid about this saying it could be some mange condition but I honestly don't even know what that is or if she is exhibiting signs of any skin problems. Its just that the fur is super thin in certain areas. The top of her head, a bit around her eyes, and along her spine a bit. Should I be taking her for another vet visit? I wonder why the first vet didn't even mention this being a problem. I'm just concerned now.
  • kelliee

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i'm getting one of these babies on monday!

the one on the left or the one on the right. i'm not sure yet... i'll know when i go to pick him up. i've wanted a boston terrier for over 10 years, and i'm finally getting one! i couldnt be more excited.

out of curiosity, what do you feed your bostons? the breeder i'm getting mine from feeds her dogs iams and i want to switch him to nutro's ultra cause it's one of the top of the line foods out there right now. i want my baby to have the best :) are bostons really sensitive to switcing foods? i want to know how slow i should take it (mixing both foods) before i make the complete switch.

i'm looking forward to posting here a lot in the future! :)