January 13th, 2005

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Good morning all! Well my Griffin is almost 8 weeks old now and he's growing like a weed. I'm getting pictures shortly so I'll be sure to post soon. Anyway, I have a question about how to keep the folds in his smushy little face clean. He has some deep creases and I noticed they are getting dirty. Is there some sort of skin cleanser, aside from bathing him, that I can use with a q-tip or something? Any suggestions? I don't want his face to get all those red, infected lines.
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Not to keep posting about Cornholio, but this was too good, so I had to tell you. :)

Well, the first part is sad and yucky. The vet said that Corny had puked up poop after his surgery, so they asked if he'd been eating his own poop, and my husband told them no. They said that he'd probably pooped in his cage at the vet and gotten hungry and ate it (ewww... poor Cornmuffin).

But today, when my husband picked him up, he wanted to get Corny a treat, so he stopped at McDonalds to get him some french fries. We don't eat at McDonalds, because we're both vegetarian, but Corny had developed a taste for their fries when he lived with Shawn's dad before coming to stay with us. So, my husband buys him a MEDIUM fry and a 6-piece chicken nugget, since it was cheap. Cornholio ate ALL OF IT BY HIMSELF in the car and they weren't even home yet.

So, I guess McDonalds DOES taste better than poop!?

Either way, I'm still trying to figure out how all that food fit into a 10lb boston terrier! :)

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So I finally got Jack! I already love him so much!

Question: Jack has a runny nose and his eyes water a little bit...do all bostons do this, or does he had a cold?

I will post pictures when I get them developed.
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I am a dog lover and boston owner, and also an artist, I just joined some doggie

groups because I don't get to see my doggies as much because of a recent divorce, but

I have lots of pics and love for them.
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silky tummy survey

So, my husband and I were wondering awhile back if sassys silky soft tummy was unique to her. It was my grand idea to test this theroy out , as most other dogs i had met did not have silky tummys like hers . So we went to the local pet stores , and pet other boston terrier tummys , and other breeds tummys , to see if it was a) a sassy thing b) a boston thing or c) an old lady thing.
Our survery concluded that the silky tummy was a boston thing . so heres the question i pose to you :

Does your boston have a silky tummy?