January 14th, 2005


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I found these pictures today and thought you guys would like to see
them :) my husband and lucy are fighting about Lucy's bone :) She got a
really big one because we found out in august-ish that she was allergic
to fleas and had to be on steroids so we felt like bad parents. she has
JUST worked the knot off it and figured out how to carry it around, i
keep trying to get pictures but they are never right :)


<note the halloween table cloth. because its still there.  in
january.  its plastic and keeps the bird gunk from gettign on the
floor :-p  i should buy a non-seasonal one but that one as 50c at
Bentley and Niko
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I was so excited to post I didn't look to cut the pics down, my apologies. Here are some more with names and descriptions.

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Normally Kermie is my "little shadow" she follows me everywhere!! The other morning as Jason and I were getting ready for church, I noticed little Kermit had left her spot on the floor...and so I went to go look for her. She wasn't sitting by the door, not on her favorite pillow, not in the kitchen, not in her bed...we called her name and nothing. Then I heard a slight rustle...
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