January 20th, 2005

Hello Friends... (:

I'm going to LJ cut this, but in a nutshell, my organization is supporting the Tsunami disaster. I need to turn in donations by Tuesday and we want to reach our goal to get Tortch Award points so I can go to a state compition. (Explained in the cut). And to clarify, IT ALL GOES TO THE CAUSE. None goes to us. NONE.

I've only posted this as a friends only entry in my own personal journal, and I feel you all know me well enough that I wouldn't scam you. I have proof behind the cut, etc.

So, If you would like to donate, or anyone you know, and you're pretty far away (Calli, New Hampsire, etc...) I would give you my address. Just not in Livejournal.

Here is my Email:

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