January 24th, 2005


anyone from Philly or the PA area? im flying from sicily to philly and then back home to fla. was wondering what the weather was like cause i only get to be home for 2 days before leaving again and i dont wanna get stuck in the airport when i could be spending time with my girlfriend!!!!!!!! anyways are they calling for more snow or what not in the area? thanks =)
boston terrier cute

Hogwarts at the Vet

Took Hog to the vet on saturday. Told the doctor about his congestedness. She said it is probably an elongated pallate (sp?) like you all told me as well. They are going to check him out when he gets fixed in a few weeks.

She said you dont have to fix it with surgery but some dogs tend to pass out. Im like of course Im going to fix it!! If he passed out I would too!

Now I wanted to know if anyone here has ever heard of this? She said the size of his head worries her (wtf?)

I personally think that she thinks that just because it is an all white head. She said something like the brain could start to compress or something.. She want clear at all but it sounded scary and we have to keep measuring his head.

I reallllly dont think anything is wrong with his head. He did tip over when he was a puppy lol but it totally doesnt look abnormally big to me.

Hog is 3 1/2 months and weighs 8 pounds now!! He still looks really small though. We are also going to get him microchipped when he gets fixed.


Questions about baby boston feedings and noses!

We are bringing home our baby boy in 10 more sleeps *squee!*

He will be 8 weeks old. I'm sure my breeder will have tips, but I want to be prepared ahead of time - what do you feed your Boston at that age?

Also, mine has a mostly white/pink nose with patches of black - will it change color? (Most Bostons I see have black noses)

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Just finished a bunch of work setting up an online LJ store, whew. It's just art prints for now. I have a link to the it behind the cut. I used Gomez Up for the name and logo. And here some pics of doggies, cuz i love looking at everyone elses :-)

This is the first Boston i had, her name was Althea. She loved this panda slipper i had.

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