January 30th, 2005

calm day


Maggie is 11 weeks old now, and she is doing great as far as blending herself in with the other dog
(a 2 year old mixed terrier, Molly) and the cat (Muffin) The thing is , Maggie is really hyper, I mean she plays alot and barks alot- espcially when she wants to play with Molly or if she wants more attention. is it pretty typical that Boston's are a little more hyper then other breeds? I have never had such an "active" puppy. Any advice?
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Hog Collapsed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hogwarts has been throwing up foam (like white bubbles) yesterday and the day before. Not a lot though. Well last night we got into bed and he started doing the thing that he does when he is going to puke. His tummy convulses.

So I picked him up and put him outside and waited for him to throw up. He threw up foam and then collapsed against the door. His legs went out and he hit the door. I screamed and dropped to the floor and picked him up.

After I picked him up he went running around like normal! Like nothing happened. It scared the crap out of me you dont even know.

So I was wondering if this has ever happened to any of you?

Also I wanted to note

*Hog is completely 100% potty trained. Hasnt had an accident in I dont even know how long. And for Hog's tantrums that started all the drama on here: No, I have not been to court any time lately :)

Hog hasnt had a "tantrum" since the day I posted about it and everyone flipped out.* I've also noticed he is not a hyper Boston. He is when he is at my parents house with Tinkerbell and Rebel. But at my boyfriends where I live, he is soooo calm.

Everyone cant believe how calm he is.. I think it is seriously because he goes everywhere with me. He went into a restaurant like 15 minutes after we picked him up at 6 weeks old. He is the best dog in public I have ever seen.

Like yesterday I drove to the city to hang out with my friend. He sat in his bed the whole way there and just chewed on his bone. It is like an hour and a half drive there too. Then we walked all around Berkely and he rode around in his little purse.

We went and ate and he once again just sat in his purse even when the food came. When people come up to him to pet him he doesnt get all wiggly crazy like tink, his little ears flutter and he likes the pets but just stays in his purse.

Ok enough about my perfect dog. I barely slept last night at all. I woke up like every 5 minutes to see if he was still breathing because him collapsing scared me so much.
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Help please!

Hey everyone, I am in need of some advice. Kermit is getting bigger everyday and is doing very well. We have basically stopping all the chewing and potty training is almsot perfect. But we have one problem...her bed. Every couple of weeks or so she completely rips up her bed! The first time she did this the bed was not fixable (she broke the zipper) so we bought a new one. The second, third, fourth, and fifth (we have lost count now) we just zip it back up and have her use it. We have tried scolding, ignoring her, taking the bed away, spraying it with Apple Bitter, etc. and nothing seems to phase her. She does not tear up anything else, she absolutely loves her stuffed toys and never even gets a little hole in them. Any advice is appreciated!
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