February 4th, 2005

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the "evil" girl pup i spoke of earlier (i think we decided on the name riley) has had really REALLY bad diarrhea all day today. i'm not talking its-a-little-watery-but-still-sort-of-solid diarrhea, i'm talking full on shot-gun-blast-from-a-water-pistol-filled-with-chocolate-milk runny (i apologize for the visual). she also threw up once that i know of.

i believe a vet visit is in order tomorrow. poor baby :(

here is a not so great picture of her:
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My friend just told me that Boston Terriers are nicknamed "The American Gentleman" because they look like they're wearing tuxedos. I don't know about you, but I think that's just about the cutest thing I've ever heard in my life.

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Obligatory new mommy post

The babe is having a nap in his box (Cardboard as he's too wee for a kennel yet) snuggled up to a pink stuffed kitty. I jokingly told my wife last night we should name him Kitty, but she's not going for it.
We better pick something soon, though, or he's going to end up thinking his name is Goober or Snugglebum cos that's all we call him right now.

He is such a good baby. We thought he'd cry alot his first night away from his Mom and brothers and sisters, but he went right to sleep. Whined twice in the middle of the night when he had to pee, but that's it.

He loves to give the kitties kisses, but they're not so into that. He's already been bopped in the head a few times of course, but they're very gentle with him so it's all good. Everyone is very curious about him but they keep their distance (becuase otherwise they get their faces licked!) Our other dog (a pom/poodle x named Murphy, who is 11) is playing his part of the grouchy old man as per usual... but he did like snuggling up to him when he was asleep and couldn't lick him.

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update on Lucy.

It has been an hour. she hasn't throw up in an hour. i'm still freaked out, but a little calmer, I found another spot where she horfed, which brings the magic number to 6. poor baby is sitting by the slider (an odd place for someone who doesn't like the cold) so i covered her with the comforter she had previously claimed as her own and she is just laying there. I can tell you she doesnt look like she feels well, and her stomach is hard to the touch (and she flinches when i go near it :( ) and she is kind of shaking but she is laying down and is alert when i call out to her. when i go near her she makes a little whining "eh, eh, eh" sound, which i take to mean, don't touch me don't touch me don't touch me! I called my mom, who was a vet assistant for 15 years and bawled my little eyes out and she told me she could just be sad that she doesnt feel well, and not to panick and wait until tomorrow. If she was still throwing up I would be in more of a tizzy, but i'm calmer, but still extremely worried. I am sure its osmething wrong, but the vet and my mom said she will be ok until 7 tomorrow (when they open) and I will be bringing her in unless she is her bouncy self (not that she is every bouncing at 7 in the morning though) I guess I sound like a bad parent for not rushing her to the vet right away, but since I trust the vet that even if it is something like bloat or pancreatitis it can wait until tomorrow. My mom told me that our old dog had bloat and it wasn't very pleasant, but she didnt think thats what it sounded like to her. I just can't get the scream out of my head, and I know her tummy really hurts. gah. please dont tell me i am a bad mom, she will be going to the vet in 12 hours. probably sooner if she keeps on sitting there like that :(

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sorry for updating and being a spaz, she just got up and walked over to me, and yawnd and stretched. She let me pet her and pick her up and put her on the couch and she promptly nestled down and went back to bed... but thats a start right? while on the couch she sniffed my southwestern eggrolls like she wanted to partake in them (hahaha fat chance sicko) but i am just 400% relieved. she is still stiff so she obviously feels like crap, but better crap than previous. thanks everyone, she isn't out of the woods but at least she isnt gonna die on me or something :( I was so worried that she wasn't responding to me and she woudl rather lay by the cold slider than on the warm couch. her tummy still is hard to touch but she isn't shaking like she was, and she is still making the little "i'm sick leave me alone" noises. but her getting up and coming over here made me feel a little better.

you guys rock and are soo supportive thank you so much.
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I'm sorry. I can't help myself!

This picture was taken while I was laying on the floor and he came careening towards me. When he starts running it's the funniest thing because he rears up like a horse and then just gives 'er! Sorry it's blurry but he's a fast little speed demon and I was laughing.

Here he is chewing on his squeaky toy, bob the tomato.

And while he has tug toys, he MUCH prefers chewing on mommy's mousey socks.
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