February 13th, 2005


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we took Lucy to the dog park after a few months of waiting, which was probably a bad idea, but we were all traumatized by the last time...

a few months ago we took her to the dog park and it was all big dogs. Big, mean, asshole dogs. she was running aorund being the sweetheart she always is, when all of a sudden this giant pack of dogs came running at her and mauled her before we could get her. she was on the ground on her back with a pitbull, doberman, and two lab mixes pulling at her feet, biting her tummy, etc. their owners were NOT paying attention, even though Lucy was crying. we THREW the dogs off her but couldn't get Lucy who immediately ran away and started throwing up. she wasn't bleeding (i should have told the owners off for not paying attention to their dogs, how i regret that now) and we took her home, gave her a bath and cuddled with her the rest of the night.

Today we went back. She was sooo excited to be there, she practically dragged meinto the holding pen. her ears were back, she was a wiggle monster, she was clearly just stoked out of her mind to be out there. suddenly, this little rat terrier came charging up to her. hahaha rat terrier i thought Lucy will DOMINATE you. instead, what does my poor baby do? rolls over and whimpers. Today's dog owners were very considerate. We didnt take Lucy off her leash this time but let her run around with it dragging. she would wiggle and run up to some dogs and then when they got excited she would run away. She spent the 30 minutes walking around the edges of the fences like a little kid with no friends. occassionally a dog would come up and she would want to be friends, but quickly lose interest. She started salivating like she was scared several times.

I felt like an over protective mom, i hovered over her, but i ddint want to take chances so that she could end up getting hurt. we finally couldn't bear it any longer, and held her leash. Once we were holding her leash all she did was want to play. she started jumping up and down on the other dogs and tangling herself up in them... fearless as ever. Same as when she is on her walks around the apartment complex. she just gets so happy around other dogs and so playful... but at the dogpark she is sooo fearful she just walks around the walls, like she is trying to find a way to escape. it broke my heart. She was still full of energy so we walked over to the duck pond and let her terrorize the Canadian geese (muahahaha) and then came home and gave her a bath.

I hate that she is scared of the dog park because she so enjoys the company of other dogs... and I hate that she is scared because something bad happened to her and we couldn't stop it. poor Lucy.

a visit

Bellah came to stay with me for the weekend. It was so nice to have her here! She's back in Texas with her true owner (my brother) but I wait for the day when she might become mine and live with me. It could happen :)

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