February 15th, 2005


Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy!

Valentine's Day at our house was loads of fun :) Lucy's birthday is on
Valentine's day, and my husband's birthday is the 15th. We bought party
hats and ice cream and partly celebrated today, and the rest will
happen tomorrow :) here are some pictures from the evening festivities.

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  • skarah

My friend needs help with her Boston.

I have a friend who is having problems with her Boston. She can't seem to get her house-broken and so she pee's on the floor a lot. She tried the pee pads in her kennel but that's not working because as soon as she gets out,she goes everywhere. It's ruining her hard wood floors and I don't think the landlord is going to like that one bit. Sophie is out of her puppy stage so I don't know if she can train her now. Does anyone have any advice that I can tell my friend?
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  • lunat16

need help with leash walking!

Hello fellow BB's,

I have an issue that I can use help with! My Griffin is now 13 weeks old and I'm trying to get him to walk on a leash. The problem is he just wont have any of it. If I pull him gently in one direction, he pulls back in the opposite. He will actually put his butt toward me and pull the other way. I can scold him, nudge him, tug the leash, try to coax him by being sweet and nothing works. I really don't want to have to keep yelling my head off or pull him and hurt him. Any suggestions on how to do this properly?
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Harness or Collar

Several suggestions to help Griffin in walking on a leash (lunat16's post) was to try a harness. I am also having problems with walking Kermit (she pulls very hard trying to "see and meet" everyone). I have thought a lot about getting her a harness due to the trouble BT's have with breathing - but I have never used anything but a collar. (I also admit perhaps I may be selfish in that I carry Kermit around and pet her a lot and wonder if the harness will get in the way. I have also heard harnesses can rub and irritate their skin). Anyways, my question is for those of you who use harnesses or choose not to, what are the pros and cons and which brand do you use?
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heard what?

breeding q?'s

so this just has to do with dogs in genral. sassys too old to have pups, infact , shes never HAD pups.
But. We " my husband and I " have a pug , by the name of haggis. Hes a pup. He has no health issues , hes got a great temepermenat , ect ect. and hes papered. We got him for free beacuse another pup in the litter scratched his eye . We even have the vet papers saying that . We want to stud him, once , ameby twice. What do you get for it ? I allways heard you got one pup from the litter , or the fincial equivilent of.... I was wonderi8ng b/c his parents one a puppy , actually they want haggis, but will take one like him :p and we would give the pup to them if sucessful, and then mbey keep one for ourselves if we do it again. How old do they have to be to "do their thing "?? I ask beacuse hes 5 months old and he wont leave our cat alone ( we figure we will be the first to own dats or cogs. )
after we woulod get him fixed. All of our pets are fixed except for him, and the cat whos an indoor kitty.

Buttons is less interested in her food

Buttons has been weird lately with her food and I don't know if I should be worried about it or not. We feed her a mix of wet and dry twice a day and she's always been all over it the second I put it out for her. Even before that, actually, because she usually sits in the kitchen with me while I'm preparing it for her. The last few days have been different; she takes all day and into the evening to eat her morning bowl. BUT. She still gets excited over her treats and she still wants whatever I'm eating. We're feeding her the same stuff so it's not a food change that could be causing this. She takes 2 pills with her food and I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it. She's been on the first one for a few months now, but the second one is fairly recent. A few weeks or so. Anyone have any ideas?