February 22nd, 2005

calm day

A question?

This morning it looked like Maggie had like an eye booger in her eye, but when I tried to wipe her eye off it is IN her eye more not on the outside, and her eye looks junky also- like kids do when they are sick. She been playing but has been acting like it bothers her some. I am calling the vet when they open, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice?
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You hurt my feelings!

We have now had our little Vinnie for 2.5 weeks and he is more than we could've dreamed of, really. He is such a good little boy. So smart and sweet.

In any case, I've read in alot of places beforehand that Bostons are very sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily. Lately, this has been Vinnie to a Tee! As a puppy, of course he's hearing "NO!" alot. More often than not, this means he runs for the safety of his crate in his 'room' and sits there by himself for 10-30 minutes. As you can well imagine, this breaks our heart!

We're a little concerned that he's going to end up being a super-sensitive doggie though and this is hurting his trust with us, although I keep telling myself it's 'just a phase'.

So my question is... did your Boston seem to go through a phase of super-sensitivity?


Help! Charlie LICKS ALL THE TIME. He licks everything! ...Us, the bedspread, himself, the carpet, chairs, his toys, the dresser, the wall, the sofa, us.... I understand that he wants our attention and likes to give us kisses, but it's to the point where we can't even attempt to pet him 'cuz he insists on licking the skin off our hands/arm. He also licks everything else insistently. Obviously I can't smear bitter-apple all over the apartment and myself. We've tried telling him "NO" and such. Nothing seems to be working. I don't mind if he licks his toys and such, but.... The other night he woke us up in the middle of his night, lapping at the wall. It's almost as if he goes into a trance when he's licking. When we tell him "NO" he pulls out of us and looks so scolded. I feel bad, but it's driving us nuts.

Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do?

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Pound Puppy Update

He is still there I took my lunch break to go visit him. I didnt get a chance to ask how many days he had left. I wanted to take him in the yard to see how he acted out of the cage but the guy was taking to long and I only had an hour. I did however get a couple pictures of him. Not so great but ok. The guy told me if you corner him he snaps. I said if you cornered me I would snap at you too. I think the poor guy just needs a little love. I hope someone snatches him up.
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