February 24th, 2005

calm day

Update to Maggie

Well, I took her to the vet at 4pm yesterday- he flushed her eye out, put some drops in and looked at it with a light.He could not tell if it was a scratch or if there is something in it. So tommorrow I hve to take her to a specialist- the pet opthamologist. Yeah and she got 2 eye drops that go in a few times a day-. she does not seem to be bothered by the eye, only when you mess with it does she make any sounds at all.
He also said if left untreated something simple could make these kinds of dogs lose their eye.
I hope this is not gonna cost and arm and a leg. ALready- yesterday was 40$ for the vet the 33$ at the pharmacy for the meds..
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Right now Kermit is at the vet all day getting spayed. I miss her! Thankfully, she did not get upset or cry (i'm not sure I could have handled that). She loves the vet techs so she was more than happy to go play, love on, and give them puppy kisses. I get to pick her up tonight. Any tips on how you kept your rowdy little pups from jumping and running around?!?!?

*** Edit*** Update! I picked Kermie up from the vet this afternoon. She is doing as good as can be expected. She went through a cuddle phase where she slept right on me, then went into "I'm mad at Momma" phase and didn't wnat much to with me, thankfully, she is now back in her normal "Kermie cuddle" phase. She is acting very groggy and hasn't moved a whole lot which I think is from meds and pain. Occasionally she shivers and shakes which I think means she hurts some :o( But other than that she is doing ok. Thanks for your help and concern!
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weekend at home

i haven't been able to post in awhile because i've been away at school and very busy. however, i've finally found the time to catch up.

i watched the repeat of the westminster dog show last weekend when i went home. i would have watched it at school but i don't think many people would have been too interested. when i saw the pedigree commercial for denta stix with the boston i almost died. i found it online at the pedigree site and decided to include it in my paper on the analysis of commercials for my PR class. click here to watch it.

and now here are a few pictures behind the cut of my boston. she just turned 9 a couple weeks ago.

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My little Boy Scout

I feel a little strange on this community, because Bongo doesn't look too much like all of these beautiful purebred BT's I see here everyday, but still...he's definitely a Boston mix and he's still beautiful to me! And - he's practically a human in a dog suit.  I love him so.  My little monkey boy looks so good in his clothes! It's chilly here in Seattle, so I think he truly likes wearing his shirts and sweaters.

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