March 17th, 2005

calm day

Question for everyone

My boston, Maggie is about 5 1/2 months old and I am noticing some behaviors she has that I am not sure if she's normal or not.
One thing, she is hyper, I mean really hyper- she is either full speed ahead or sleeping. By this I mean she is constantly running, jumping, playing with the other dog we have or barking or sleeping- there seems to be very little in between. Is this just because of her age?
Second thing, she is a houdini- she disappears in flash- and hides, you can turn your head and she's gone that quick. We have "lost" her several times, each time it throws us into a panic as we search for her then she reappears or we "find" her. Is this normal? I have never had a dog play so much hide and seek. I think alot of it is because she is so curious, and she just gets distracted really quick- I hope she outgrows this behavior for sure.
And last but not least. She is sneaky. I mean, when she does something- she tries to be sneaky and not get caught and when she does get caught she acts like she is innocent and it makes you think maybe she "really" didn't do it.
I know these are all things she will (hopefully) grow out of, but I have never had a dog that required "so much" micro management. Is this normal for this breed? Or for a baby like her?
This is her best "innocent" face
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