March 23rd, 2005


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Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid harness irritation on their boston?
My poor Misty has been getting irritated lately under her arms and her chest...
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So. I was trying to take a nap. Ashton decided he want to play the hand game, which consist of me laying my hand down and Ashton attacking it. It's halarious because the whole time he's grunting. So, I grabbed the camera, since I haven't really posted any new pics lately.
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couple questions

When we took Smudge to the vet, some casual conversation came up with the vet, and we said how Smudge likes to fetch. The vet said she never heard of a Boston Terrier fetching! Is my BT just special, or do your BTs fetch too? I would think it's a universal dog activity.

Also, what are your views on tail/ear cropping? I personally would never cut up my baby for the heck of it, or for show. I love her little lightning shaped tail :) Fortunatly the woman we bought her from didn't get their tails cropped.

I love her squiggle tail!
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Joey the Muse

Tonight we went to my boyfriend's grandparent's house for dinner. His grandpa gave us these 2 beautiful drawings he did for us. One is, of course, Joey...the other is my boyfriend's first dog, Fairbanks. He passed away quite a few years ago.

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