March 24th, 2005

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New Boston Terrier Owner


We will be bringing our new puppy home tomorrow. Is there anything you can offer such as advice or suggestions? I will probably be visiting this site more often. When we get her, I will definitely share some photos. But until then, I was thinking about going out tonight to pick up the supplies.

How do you all feel about crate training? I intend on doing this with her. Any suggestions?

Also, any suggestions on care and house-breaking especially is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Oh, BTW: the mood icons are adorable and I think I will be using them as well.
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if your dog is vomiting black stuff and it smells like sewage, is that a really bad sign?

i'm asking on behalf of my boyfriend. i said yes take Gus to the vet asap and he said yeah, i already made an appointment.

i know when poop is black thats a bad sign so i'd imagine black vomit would be equally bad...? i have no idea what it could be though. he said his dog vomited a second time and there were little worms in it, like maggots.

i hope Gus will be ok...