March 26th, 2005

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I've noticed on some of the pics and icons that your doggies ears are straight up. Is this something that happens as they get older? Or are they cropped that way? My little Sofie's kind of hang down.

We have learned that Sofie does not like the leash. Put it on her and she tugs at it. She doesn't seem to like being outside. When we take her out there she sits at our feet and paws at our leg. It has been chilly and wet out, so we are considering putting her in a sweater, and I think that's why she doesn't like it outside (can't say I blame her really.)

After the third poopy accident, it seems to be the same area that she goes...I keep taking her outside but she does not want to be out there and I hate to wait too long for her to figure out what she is outside for, because then she begins to shiver because it's chilly (about 45 degrees and wet.)

Come on warmer spring!!

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Sadly Mo was put down this morning at 9:30. With him being blind and his heart failing, we had no choice. He was becoming miserable, shaking at nothing, always staying in the room as he was scared.

I shall miss my little guy!! At least he lived a happy life for 5 years. MY mom took great care of him, was with him until the end.

We have to stay strong for Mika(MO's sister). She will miss him so much.

I cant stop crying. Please keep my mom in your thoughts.

Thanks Mo for all the memories. R.I.P

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return of lainie (and her pet human)

I'm happy to see that we're still on the picture's page. You guys are great. :)

Since I've recently returned to all that is Livejournal, I thought I'd celebrate by re-joining this community and posting a few pictures.

Since my last post, Lainie has become a watchdog, having eaten or destroyed no less than three watches. Should I be proud?

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