March 27th, 2005

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We've seen three Bostons in the past week, and it makes me want another baby so badly! Danny claimed posting rights to the insane story about Tucker (pictured below), so I can only give you a peek. Anyway, here are the puppies:

Hotis the 1/2 Boston (and how much he looks like Lunchie from the side):


Buster (who lives down the street from my parents and weighs at least 30 lbs):

And Tucker, the muddy little runaway:

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Danny and Tucker: A Tale of Adventure

One day Danny went to visit a dog that he had never met before.  When he got there, he found himself in a strange situation.  Tucker, the little Boston had broken out of his backyard jail and was running down the street with his bigger puppy friends.  Obviously, Tucker had fallen in with the wrong crowd.

Danny's wife Ashley chased Tucker down the street.  The puppy watched her as Danny crept behind him and grabbed him.

At first, Danny wasn't sure what to do with the little criminal.


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Back story:

We were on our way to Baton Rouge when Ashley told me that she wanted to stop and see a friend (or more accurately a friend's puppy.)  "I just have to go play with a Boston," she said.  And of course I wanted to go play with him, so I said of course we can. 

We pulled into the driveway and saw dogs everywhere, and in the middle of all of them a little muddy Boston chasing two guys on bikes down the street.    We knocked on the door, but no one was home.  Their three dogs were supposed to be in the fenced backyard, but apparently the latch had broken, and Tucker, their lab, and their big pretty brown something had escaped.  I played fetch with the lab.  He was awesome. 

Ashley called her friend and confirmed that the dogs were not supposed to be running wild, and we couldn't just leave them because we were afraid one of them might run into the street, so we took it upon ourselves to get them back home.  Tucker didn't want to go, but we chased him down and finally got him.  He was limping on his back legs, so I had to hold him kind of funny to keep from hurting him. 

By the time we got the dogs inside the fence, Ashley and I were covered from head to toe in mud.  It was ridiculous, but in truth, it was really fun.   Tucker was awesome.

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