March 28th, 2005

boston terrier cute


This is how we wake up everymorning and yes this how we sleep as well.

But usually my head is on the matress because Hog is hogging my whole pillow. When he wakes up though he does this cutesy little lets bat mommys face and wake her up :)

Gee who does this pic remind of you? He is totally copying Ashton's posing

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lucy saying oh

Shredded feet.

Lucy loves to play basketball. She will push/chase a baskeball forever. Saturday was no exception. The boys were playing and let Lucy have the ball. She push/chased it around and we didn't stop her.
We should have, we should have taken the ball away and brought her inside. They were playing on asphalt and her little feet were blistered. By the time we went to bed she couldn't walk on her pads. I soaked them in warm salted water. Not a lot of salt just enough to clean and start the healing. Then I sprayed a numbing spray on them. She slept like a rock. Yesterday I had to carry her outside to her potty place for her to pee etc. Poor babe, she's walking on her toenails. I tried to put little booties on her but she pulled them off. I guess I'll carry her until she heals. Right now she's sleeping between the sheets on my bed and I don't care. Oh my poor baby girl.
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No more Rain!

Poor little Sofie HATES the rain and it's coming down like a friggin' monsoon!! (sp?) Doesn't go well with our housebreaking efforts...she's had numerous accidents today, because she simply will just huddle between our feet outside and no eliminate. I tried using one of my kid's umbrellas out there with her, but it didn't work.

With April coming upon us, I expect more rainy days. I was thinking about buying puppy pads for the house, but the thing is, I don't want to allow her the idea that she can just go in the house once in a while and then it become this bad habit. I don't know what else to do!

Her first vet visit is today. I hope everything goes well and I hope he/she has some ideas. Sofie's also started sneezing a lot yesterday, I hope she is not getting sick from the chilly/wet weather we've been having since we brought her home. Puppies can get colds, right? I had to clean her face b/c it looked like she had a little bit of dried something on her fur around her nostrils.
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Our clever doggie.

Vinnie's favorite thing to do is to make piles of stuff. He likes to put all of his toys - and actually, whatever else he can find - into his bed and then sit on top of all of them. One time, we even found a spoon in there.

Today in the backyard I was watching him through the window while he ran around like a crazy dog, making a pile of all of the sticks and twigs he could find. Hey - maybe we won't have to rake this spring! ;P
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Poor Puppy.

Sofie is 4 lbs., has roundword, and "mild rhinitis" (she's been sneezing the past couple days.)

So she is on three different meds: worm stuff, antibiotic and antihistamine. :-( My first vet visit and she's already got meds. And the cost! $118!! Oy!
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My Boston Groupie

Here we have a pic of my Boston Terrier, Scrapple, posing with the Tex-Mex gothabilly/rock band MALTORO (formerly GHOULTOWN). I was informed that he slept with every member of the band that night. The little slut.

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Stenotic Nares Surgery

Question to all you BT owners from a member of Philly Boston Meet-up:
"My dog just got the Stenotic Nares Surgery today, and i was hoping someone could give me some advice on the recovery. and if everything went well with your recovery?"

If anyone can give me some advice to relay back to them I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!