March 30th, 2005

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Well its been one full day since the 'ex' and I split. I never saw it coming.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice words in my time of dispair. I am lost right now, and I am trying to come out of the haze that surrounds me. The hardest part is knowing that its over and knowing what can never be, but still having a large part of me want to be with him. It is hard to move on under those conditions.

I am trying to distract myself with Jack, but everytime I think about him, I think about his 'daddy'.

Life sucks...and trust is so fragile.

sorry the pictures are REALLLL BIGGGG :) I didnt know how to rezise. I suck. haha :(

I am sad. I miss their adorable faces. here are the final pictures I took of them before they went to their new homes. :( the hardest to let go was Olive. I had her a week longer than the other two and I took her to work with me, grocery shopping, to the mall, and to subway ,and for walks. I will miss her soo much.

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and here are some pictures of me incase any of you wanna see how I look. haha
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later guys