April 2nd, 2005


New Report: BT in MN Eats DOGFOOD!

An amazing thing happened this morning: Charlie ate his DOGFOOD! Not only that, but he went over to the box and scratched on it when he was done, asking for more. Then....he ate that! I couldn't believe it. Last night I bought him a box of Purina Moist & Meaty with Lamb & Rice. This is the first dogfood (besides the wet canned stuff) that he's EVER eaten willingly and gratefully.
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Doggie Love!!!

Meet Ruby

This is my favorite Boston!
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We adopted her from a lady in PA who couldn't keep her anymore because she was moving into an assisted living community with her husband.
She spends her free time sleeping behind my boyfriend on the computer chair, following us wherever we go, and hanging out with my boyfriend's parents TWO other Boston Terriers!
She just turned two years old on March 13th, and she has the longest tail I've ever seen on a Boston. (It's five inches and straight! And it waggles like crazy!) She snores, farts, and is so clumsy - and we love her very much!