April 5th, 2005

Marge and Homer


I've seen a few posts about Boston's farting and I thought I'd mention this to ya'll. Nutro Max is amazing for helping your dog fart less (I guess it's any food without the by-products). When we first got Petey we were overwhelmed with the smell and took him to PetsMart to ask someone about it (we honestly wondered if they had bean-o for dogs) and we switched him to that food with the managers recommendation and haven't looked back since. He no longer farts quite as much, unless he gets a special chew treat, and our noses are very grateful! I just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't already.
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I come fer you ...

With me eye's glowing swampish goo and yes they may be far apart BUT it's better to find you with ... and POP they bug out but only because of what's behind them! Or is their anything ... or is that just me.
Reindeer Ruby

bath time

Every time I give my Boston a bath, she tolerates it in silence and gives me the sad eyes. After I've finished drying her off, and she has run loose for a little while - she comes back and does the funniest darn thing -- she barks at me for a couple minutes! It's as if she's yelling at me for doing that horrible thing to her! She barks at the top of her little lungs and then returns to normal and acts like nothing happened!

poor baxter

my poor little puppy cannot sleep at night.(and he keeps me up because of it) i think he still misses his family. all he does is cry and cry out for someone. does anyone know any secrets on helping him sleep? i just feel so bad for him. :( and also the little guy pees like no other. i've never had an inside dog before, so whats the best way to potty train baxter? thanks! you guys are the best! :)
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