April 6th, 2005

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Hi guys, I'm new here. My boy's name is Mugzy (he's a boston). My sister's got three as well. I'd show you some pictures, but I can't figure out how to put them on here :( And by the way, where'd you all get those cute little boston mood icons??
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Updated Sofie Pics!

If you're bored go check 'em out!

I was concerned that a couple of times I found that Sofie 'spits up'. It's clear and slimy, like spit, but a lot of it. Should I be concerned? I read that some do it once a day to clear their throats, esp. if they have an elongated soft palate. Where I read it didn't seem to be concerned, but I dunno...she's just a baby!

I'm teaching her "ball"! She is so cute! Now when I tell her, "where's your ball?" she'll look right at it (but doesn't really care to play with it.) Hmphf.