April 7th, 2005



Ruby has a case of the shits right now, so I have her penned off in the kitchen with newspaper. Anybody experience this before? She's had this happen a couple of other times. I'm not sure what the cause is...the vet can't find anything wrong with her and says to restrict her food for a couple days and gradually re-introduce hard food to her.
It starts with a severe case of the farts, then all hell breaks loose. Literally. Ew.

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ok so..this is probably too much to ask but..I am totally challenged in the whole icon making stuff. I really really want to learn, and I was wondering if anyone could make me an icon of the picture I posted with my boston and I kissing?


Pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeee.....

Appreciated :)

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i saw someone elses post and they asked for an icon. will anyone make me one with the picture i already have now that just says Baxter on it? i will love you forever!! :)
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