April 9th, 2005

Winnie da poop!
  • bair

I love my little Winston soooooo much...

that I gave him a special lipstick kiss right in the middle of the white blaze on his forehead.

I wish I had the camera batteries charged up because a picture would be priceless right about now.

I miss you guys. I hope you and your little Boston Buddies happy and healthy.

Marge and Homer


Do any of your Boston's love their harness? Petey loves to go on walks, he's always loved it, but he pulls really hard on the leash if he's not wearing a harness and that hurts his neck (obviously). So we bought him a harness and any time we even have it in our hand he goes crazy for it! He loves to walk in it and hates to take it off. He's not even this attached to the toys he LOVES. It's really odd for us because our other dog also likes to go for walks but is definitely not attached to her harness by any means. I was just wondering if yours were as odd as mine! lol