April 10th, 2005


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We got another red boston terrier female puppy, Rory.

Here is me with Rory and Molly, my sister's dog.

Just to show the different sizes and colors of our bostons, here is one showing all three...


She's 4 lbs and such a sweetie!!

courtesy spilt_milk icons

I wuvs my Griffin-puff!

Just some new pics I took of Griffin a couple days ago. Thought you all might wanna see how big my boy has gotten! He's almost 5 months old.

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By the way, do any of your Bostons do that "sucking" thing to their toys? It's really weird.
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what size collars?!

I know this might sound random and silly... But what size collars do your bostons wear?

I'm asking because i'm going to try and get my friends and family to start buying me dog stuff for my birthday and x-mas to get ready for when i finally get my boston. =)

i can't get one till January now, ARG! i want one so bad! =)
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