April 15th, 2005

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It seems that Griffin has developed some allergies. He's getting these rashes, or red bumps, that kind of resemble hives. He seems itchy and he scratches and bites at his skin a lot. I'm giving him Canidae, which is supposed to be a very high-quality food that's good for the coat. And I know it's good on his digestive system because his gas is all but gone. I'm wondering if it's the food or something else, and I'm not sure what to do to stop the bumpies and itchies! I don't want to take him to the vet and put him on all kinds of steroids and medications. Any suggestions?
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Hurt Hoogie

I want my Hogerton :(

Last night my mom said Hog cried out when she picked him up.... I took him home and when his daddy came home he tried to be all wiggley for him and he cried.

Everytime he jumps off the couch or off the bed he cries.. My boyfriend and I examined him.. squeezed every part of him to see if he would cry and he didnt.

I knew something was majorly wrong this morning. Every morning when we wake up Hog goes crazy because he knows we are going to my parents house where Tinkerbell & Rebel are. He is usually waiting for me when I get out of the shower and going in circles.. Well he was in his vaccum spot today..

*the vaccum spot is high up on the bed pillows hugging a teddy bear looking scared.*

When we got to my parents he didnt even want to go inside! Usually he thunders in! He was shaking and crying so I called the vet. They didnt have any openings at all today or tommorow so I had to bring him in this morning at 11 and drop him off. :(

They said they couldnt figure out what the matter was with him so they are doing X-rays ($$$)

Well it is 5 o clock and all i gotta say is I WANT MY DOG!!!!

I will post an update when I get him... hopefully everything is fine.

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tonight my mom told me that we have a problem. everytime my mom holds baxter, she breaks out into a rash. you can't be alergic to a dog can you? well i'm sure you can, but that just seems weird. he just got a bath the other day so i dont know what to do. there's no way we are getting rid of him. she knows that and the rest of my family will not let him go. but still what in the world could be causing this?
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