April 16th, 2005


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Misty was just introduced to the JUMBONES.
I got her a pack that brings two.

The first time she had them it was fine and she seemed to like them.
Nothing like her greenies though.

Then last night, she ate almost an entire one and woke up at almost 3am throwing up non-stop.
I felt her jump off the bed and something told me to get up and turn the light on and there it was...puke everywhere!

There was so much throw up and it was chunky (sorry for the graphics!)
and then she couldn't stop throwing up for a whole hour.
I gave her some pedialyte and then she finally went to sleep at 4am in HER BED.

I was surprised she went to sleep in her own bed.
I guess she wasn't feeling too great to jump on mine...but at around 530am, I felt her trying to get under the covers.

She is feeling much better now :)
(Thank GOD!)
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I am in the process of changing Misty's food from puppy to adult.
She currently east Pro Plan Chicken & Rice.

Do you guys recommend any type that will help with the GAS?

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Update on Hogwarts

So I finally went to see him at 5:45. They had taken an X-ray and tried to take another one but he freaked out I guess and wouldn't let them take another one. He was soooooooooooo happy to see me though oh my god!!

So the doctor showed me the X-ray and she is just so confused because it shows nothing!! Nothing with his bones or anything... It did show however...

Hog is full of poop.. Litterally!

I have never seen so much poop in my life! Tons of gas bubbles as well. So we were thinking.. well if your tummy is full of poop and gas then maybe you would limp around too? So she told me to feed him a bland diet to make him go. But it's not like he is constapated.. He goes all the time.. so I have no idea why he is so backed up.

He went twice last night and one good one this morning (gross i know!) But he is still crying... Like when I came home from work today he was wiggling at me and cried... A few minutes ago my boyfriend went to wake him so we could come over here and he screamed in pain... The vet doesnt know what is making him cry and neither do I.

It is really frustrating.. We keep squeezing him everywhere to try and find a spot where he hurts but he never cries!!!

I guess I will have to take him back to the vet on monday if he keeps crying... but I dont know what else they are going to do besides rack up my bill some more...

Poor Hogerton! Thanks everyone for your comments Hog appreciates them and it makes him feel better to know everyone cares about him so much :)

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Dog Park!

It was Zeke's first trip to the dog park today. I was a little apprehensive about taking him, because he's a small dog, & plays rough. I was afraid that a bigger dog might get annoyed and try to bite his head off.. but Steph's been taking Fenway, who is not much bigger than Zeke, and says he loves it, so I wanted to give it a try.

It was great!

Zeke didn't know what to think at first, and kind of just wandered around by himself, smelling things out. After a couple of minutes he got more comfortable, and had a blast. They had a swimming lake for the dogs, and Zeke actually jumped in! He's never liked the water before, it was so funny! I felt like a new mom bringing her son to kindergarten for his first day of school. I watched him like a hawk, and took lots of pictures. We're definitely going to get a membership. It beats the $10 a day visitor passes.

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