April 26th, 2005

Marge and Homer

Do your Bostons

have crazy runs? Petey will randomly get up and start running in and out of the house (we have a doggy door) at super fast speeds, he'll do it about 3 times (from the furthest area in the house from the door, to the furthest area outside the house) and then plop himself down and be done with it. When we first got him we thought we needed to exercise him more, but it doesnt' matter if he goes on long walks every few days he still manages to do this. It's really odd, freaks out our other dog as well.

Diva dog!

Here is a pic of Kermie in her new shirt :) She was feeling a bit like a diva and wanted some "diamonds"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The shirt says Bling Bling :) and was too cute to pass up
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scarlett trocar white

She's Nuts

Okay, my last post here was about how Sofie has suddenly gotten hyper and crazy and I guess my posting it last night was just when she has been SUPER bad all day yesterday! Last night, when we were sleeping, she whined in her crate ALL NIGHT LONG. We have had her for about a month now and she has NEVER EVER whined this bad before! We took her out thinking she had to potty twice (when she used to be able to hold it all night) and finally at 3 am we didn't take her out anymore and just let her whine. I don't know what her deal is and she seemed fine otherwise, but my goodness was it a sleepless night last night!
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