April 28th, 2005


Misty food update

Thanks to everyone for helping with picking a new brand name for Misty's food.
I chose Nutro Max and she loves it!
I have also noticed that her gas is much better...I haven't heard/sniffed anything weird lately (LOL)

She is even eating her food dry. I used to have to mix it with wet food.
I am still mixing her new food with her old puppy food to get her adjusted and I think she THINKS this new food is a treat :)

Thank you!
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i haven't posted in such a long time. i've been wicked busy with papers since it's the end of the semester (finals are in one week) and on top of all of that i was busy filling out my study abroad applications. i'm going to london for the fall semester and i'm already thinking about the dog withdrawls i'll have.

anyways. about a month ago we moved so now nala has a brand new back yard all to herself and i thought i'd post a few pictures.

we got her a second bed. one for upstairs and one for downstairs. she moves it to different spots in the hallway when the sun moves.

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