April 29th, 2005

A boy & his dog...

'Cro & Willa

Photos of my hubby and puppy taken during the 2005 Pet Parade (benefit for the Atlanta Humane Society)

Aren't they the cutest ;-p</center>

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Camera make: Minolta
Camera model: Minolta Dimage G400
Date/Time: Saturday, 16 April 2005, 10:30 AM

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havent posted any pictures of my babies lately...

heres one in their new bed.

you can see ramzi's wavy back hair in the picture (hes on top). i dont know any bostons with wavy hair...

The Culprit

I was able to bring Obi home yesterday. This is what was causing his grief:

It was wadded up and stuck in the back of his nostril. Apparently he had eaten some grass then sneezed and it shot up into his sinus cavity from behind his soft palate. The Vet said the team was amazed when he snagged the offending greenery and it just kept coming and coming.

Obi is still pretty wiped out today. I was told they had to give him a shot of Acepromazine after the procedure because he became very anxious as the anesthesia was wearing off, and they didn't want him to irritate the tissue more by barking and sneezing.

I am SO relieved that there was no need for a biopsy. Thank you all for your good thoughts!

needing advice!

Last month, my mom got a three month old boston puppy that we've named Tux. He's been good as gold so far and we love him dearly, but we've run into one little problem: flatulence. He lets the ickiest smelling farts ever, and we know he'sas grossed out as we are because he covers his face with his paws after he does it. :-(

I know it's a silly problem, but I was hoping maybe someone else had encountered the same situation. The lady we adopted him from fed him Iams, but our vet advised us to switch to Neutro. That didn't help the situation, so now we've switched to Science Diet, and I swear it's just gotten worse! We've just been giving him the lamb/rice based dry puppy kibble versions of those brands. We give him the occasional treat when he bahaves very well or learns something new, but not nearly enough to be causing all this gas. Sorry to make my first post such an icky one to think about, but I really would appreciate your thoughts!