May 1st, 2005



I think Clancy has somehow decided he is a cat. He keeps climbing up into the window sill of my office while I work:

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I guess I should break him in on the news.. I don't really like cats.

ok, I need some help...

Hi everyone! We are looking for some tips...Kermit is 8 months old and has been so great. We have only 1 problem/complaint. Sometimes when she decides to play she stands up on you (which scratches your leg and hurts) or she playfully nips (also not meant in a mean way but hurts!). When we come home she gets very excited and happy and rolls around on her back and as you pet her she nips. We have tried "time outs" in the crate, walking away, ignoring, saying "ow" loudly, etc but she doesn't seem to learn or understand. When she is playing she thinks "no" is a cue to get rield up even more. She just doesn't seem to know when enough is enough....and sometimes the "madder" you get the more she thinks you are playing!I was thinking of taking her to Petsmart obediance classes, but when I asked they seemed to not be "open/supportive" since she did not take their puppy classes, so I haven't registered her yet. What can we do to stop this behavior?

(*I was hesitant to post this after all the bad/mean stuff that was said when G posted about Hoggie nipping - so please be nice! I am willing to take any adivce and tips*)
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Kissing Eiffel Tower

1 year!!


Hey everyone! Today is Violets 1 year old birthday! I don't know how some of you parents out there handled your baby's first bday, but I'm in pieces. I don't want her to grow up. I want her to stay a puppy forever! But she got a new kong (which is in the freezer as we speak with peanut butter and broken doggie treats for dessert tonight) and I got her some dent-a-bones. At Target this week they have these polo shirts I in pink and orange, pink, and black. She would've looked so cute in the pink and orange....I just wish that they weren't $9.99. But she's have a good birthday so far. I'm going to post two pictures of her and her mini-me that I bought her because the Animal Haus next door to where I work is closing and I got it like 40% off! Enjoy!

(Violet with Mini #1)(this one just got put in one of my new frames!)

(Violet with Mini #2)


ps. I love this community still to this day and I hope all of you and your babies are having/had a great weekend! I can't get enough of your pictures and stores! It's my favorite thing about LJ!


~ Cathie and Violet

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