May 2nd, 2005

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Meet the newest member of our family, Wallace! We got him Saturday, he's 8 weeks old, and such a sweetie. So far everyone is getting along, and once Wallace figures out Tuney is trying to play with him, not jump on him, it will be crazy here.

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Other dog communities.

First off, I'm sorry that this isn't a Boston question...!

I'm having behaviour issues with our other dog, a 12 year old pomeranian X toy poodle. Can anyone direct me to a good community for general dogs and / or dog behaviour?

Thank you! :)

(And Vinnie thanks you for potentially helping his 'big' brother!)
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question for all those who have boys

Griffin is a little over 5 months old now and I'm wondering when I can expect him to start peeing like a boy??? He's still squatting like a little girl and, although it's cute, it's really getting impractical. I mean, he's peeing all over his front paws!

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I was at PetSmart last weekend and I seen something called "Better Than Ears", so I bought some for Ashton. They are pig ear alternatives. They are low fat and no mess! He loves peanut butter, so I bought him the peanutbutter ones, first. He LOVES them. I went back this past weekend and bought him 2 more bags, Bacon and Bacon and Cheese.

I gave him a pig ear about a year ago and he made a mess on the bed with it and ended up choking on it. I learned my lesson with pig ears.

These things, I don't mind him bringing on the bed, they are absolutely no mess.

If you haven't tried these with your Bosties, both Ashton and I recommend them.

Can A Dog Have OCD?

Diesel has developed the most annoying habit and I can't figure out if he is just being a pain or if he has OCD. Lately, I have been putting the rug back on the bathroom floor, when it was cold, we only used the bathmat as I like to hang the rugs outside to dry and freshen after showers and we live in Michigan. (Spring just got here!) Well, since the weather is getting nicer, the rugs are down. I swear I straighten that damn rug 20 times a day and 20 times a day, he goes in there, does a little scootching action and the rug is rumpled. He won't bother the rug after that, only when it is all smooth and laid out. I can't decide if he likes it to be messy and the chaos adds to the over all atmosphere of the bathroom, or the neat rug just makes him looney. Silly dog, every time you gotta use the loo, you gotta flatten out the rug just to shut the door. Do any of your BT's have any little weird quirks like that? I know they are full of personality, but sheesh, stop messing up my bathroom... It messes with my OCD for neatness! :P
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