May 19th, 2005

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what do you all use to keep the fleas away? i swear, i've tried everything and nothing seems to work. my boston doesn't just get a little bit of fleas, he gets almost hundreds of them everyday so i have to bathe him a few times a day. i just hate seeing him so uncomfortable all the time. any advice?

Random photos

Well, I am officially done with school! I graduted last Sat. with my Master of Arts in School Counseling! Yay! I am so excited...
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And the Florida heat has brought out lots of bugs, lizards, and other animals...
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new poster

Hi everyone! I've been watching this community for awhile, trying to learn everything I could about Bostons before I got my baby. :D My name is Rhiannon, and Collapse )is my baby Robot.

My boyfriend and I got him ten days ago, and he's nine weeks old now. He's doing really well about going potty outside. He doesn't tell us when he needs to go, but if we take him out, he ususally does. Most of his accidents have been our fault for not taking him out when we saw him sniffing around. :D He's a really great puppy and I love him soooo much! Our apartment is on the second floor, and he loves running up the stairs, but is still too afraid to go down them.

I have a couple of questions for you guys, though. First of all, how can I teach him to tell us when he needs to go out? Will he just start going to the door by himself, eventually, or do I need to teach him that?

The biggest problem we're having with him right now is the play-biting. We're trying to stop it... if he's biting on furniture or something, and we give him a toy, he's usually really good about chewing on the toy instead. But he keeps biting our hands when we're playing with him. We've tried ignoring him when he does it. We've tried telling him no, but I don't think he really understands "no" yet. And we've tried saying "ow," and letting him know that he hurt us. That seemed to work at first, but only for about a day. The next day he didn't care anymore.

Another problem is that he cries whenever anyone goes to the bathroom. We usually crate him while we're at work (our schedules work out so that the longest he's home by himself is about 4 hours), and sometimes while I'm doing housework, and things like that. Things when I need him to be out of the way for a little bit. He never cries if we leave him alone and go into the bedroom, and as far as I know (by waiting outside the door for a couple of minutes after I leave for work) he doesn't cry when we go to work. But whether he is put in the crate or not, he cries and cries and cries if he's left alone and someone is in the bathroom. I really don't understand it. I thought maybe he was scared of the bathroom, because I gave him a bath the day I got him, and he HATED it... but he has no problem following us in to brush our teeth, or do the laundry or anything. Does anyone know what could be going on?

And the last question... You can't really tell in the pictures, but he's got a few little brindle spots poking through. Is it possible for him to be brindle once his puppy coat is gone?

Overall, things are going well, and I love the new member of my little family. :D I look forward to contributing a lot more to the community, and getting everyone's input and help. Thanks so much!

White blaze turning dark?

I gave Vinnie a bath tonight and once his face got wet, discovered that alot of his white blaze is turning black, so his blaze is getting more and more narrow. Underneath white hairs lies alot of black underneath and it seems to be replacing the black. He also has a teensyweensy thumbprint starting in the middle of the top of his head (squee!). My question is... did any of your Bostons do that - have white fur turn black?

I tried to get a shot of it but it's not showing up on camera, plus he won't sit still long enough to get a non-blurry close up! However, there are (of course!)Collapse )
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